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Originally Posted by Omaroo View Post
Yep, hoods are a pain. The machined aluminium hood for my 75mm f/1.8 is damn-near $100.

The PDF manual is much better than the printed starter guide, and covers all features, some in detail. I have it downloaded to my iPad and aspect ratio is perfect to read like a book.

I have big mitts too, and while the buttons are small, I've learned to navigate them in a few days of use in the dark. The only one I would like to see a little better is the NSEW multi-function switch. The switch petals could be deeper, letting you feel individual ones more easily. The other thing that annoys the crap out of me is the position of the power switch. Right at the bottom where the 5D-II's was. I really dislike it here, and wish they'd moved it up top somewhere. I guess that the front of the shutter button is out of bounds because of the sub-dial surrounding it, and the fact that the grip would interfere when mounted. It's no bogie, and certainly not a deal breaker.

One thing I'm getting to love is the EVF. Having it display EV in real time is brilliant. It makes selecting appropriate aperture or shutter speed so quick in manual mode.

I've made up a rubylith filter which slides over the monitor and is gripped by folds around the side of the monitor pane. Works fantastically at the scope.

Are you looking at any other lenses?

Not even thinking about lenses as yet. Don't know much about them. Plenty to choose from though! Even some of the Panasonic 4/3 have a good reputation.

Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
Its a minor point but I must say I love the Nikon D800's power switch wrapped around the shutter button. Always easy to find even in the dark.

In fact overall I find the D800 has pleasing ergonomics. The menus are well thought out although I still find it hard to find certain things at times I know are there!

The D200 is the same. A flick to the right and the LCD display lights up as well to quickly check settings in the dark.

Didn't realise how used to the D200 I am. Make all sorts of changes on the fly while pressed up to the eyepiece.
Had a little play with the OM-D today while with my Daughter. Spent quite a bit of time wondering how to change settings....really need to read the instructions....and....practise,pra ctise practise.
The whole kit went into an old camera bag I had thats barely 200mm long, 100mm wide and maybe 100mm deep.

I'd love a D800 but, if I came home with that my wife would kill me...and then she would get really mad!

The Olympus isn't meant to replace the D200, its something I hope Amanda will use as well and to be able to easily cart it around when were out and about with the baby is a bonus.
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