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Hi Rob,

The Samsung SCC-A2333/SCB-4000 takes under 5 minutes to modify
Easy Peazy:

but if I had to choose between the Gstar-ex and a Mallincam, I would certainly go the Mallincam (and soon hope to).

Sorry to Steve Massey (MyAstroShop), but the Mallincam is miles ahead now due to continuing research and development.
The new Model, the Xtreme (MCX), is a dual camera. It does 'Live Video' and is also a CCD imaging camera which can also broadcast it's CCD images.
It can do it all wirelessly remote, and can be controlled by computer.
You can choose between Class 1 or Class 0 chip (Class 0 has no hot pixels), and Peltier Cooling.

There are 3 or 4 Mallincam Xtremes already in Australia.

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