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Jase, thanks for that....yes I have got build 35 with PEC installed - I was probably the only idiot in the world who used build 34 - I was so keen to get it but it is of no use...

Here is what I can tell you about the SXW and the original starbook (I hear there are multiple hardware variants of it out there so what is true for me may not be true for the ones supplied today or of the Starbook S models).

PEC training is definitely not retained after a power off.

In addition it is a very poor implimentation of PEC as it stands today and can
easily make results worse. The main reason for this is there is no mechanism to refine or average out multiple training runs (or none I can find) thus the corrections are applied out of synch with the errors by the duration of the guide exposure. If you shorten this interval you get better correction but end up introducing seeing effects unless the atmosphere is very stable during training.

The worm cycle is 8 mins on the SXW so the charts show a little more that two revolutions (1000 seconds) but the rest of the data looks the same over a period of about 5000s.

If this is normal for the equipment does that mean the 1" jumps are irregularity/roughmess in the gears? So I should look for a pattern of such jumps? Is cleaning and/or adjustment required?

I attach a plot of the RA errors alone for 8 cycles...
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