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Originally Posted by ngcles View Post
Hi Ron & All,

If you don't succeed, there is a nice consolation prize only one low-powered power field away (52 arc mins SSW) -- ESO 146-5.

In this case, it is a supergiant "CD" type elliptical near or at the centre of AGC 3827. It is about a magnitude brighter than ESO 146-8 and I have seen it previously with 46cm. It has a R/V of +29980 and therefore lies nearly 1.4 billion light-years distant.

A 10' x 10' of ESO 146-5 is attached N is up and E is left.


Thanks Les,will add that to my observing list.
One of my favourite observing targets is the ESO 137-6 and the group round it.
It is also situated on the Norma, Triangulem Australe border.
If you haven't observed it it would be a good target for your scope.
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