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Rosette Nebula

I found this to be a difficult object, but was able to sense the size of nebula, without seeing any details clearly. I used my Tak 100D with a 30mm Plossl (Vixen) and LE24mm EPs.

The Nebula appears to surround the cluster NGC 2244. My impression was that it was no so much a cluster, as an asterism of 6 bright stars.

The whole region is rich with faint stars, as this is embedded in the Milky Way. This gives a 'white-noise' effect that makes the viewing of the nebula more difficult than it would otherwise be.

The Nebula looked more distinctly visible on the northern side of NCG 2244. I had been a little mislead by photos which show the brighter, round (flower) area of the Nebula. So this confused me when I sensed a fainter trail to the East. However, I have since found a map that confirms this observation.

Truth be told, I have always been a little embarrassed by the Rosette. Images are often featured and it is also marked in my Bright Star Atlas, so I thought it should be easy to view. I have tried previously to view it from dark skies when I had a 12" Dob, but felt nothing but confusion trying to determine what I should see. So, I am glad to finally see it, and I now realise that it is a difficult object to view.

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