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Originally Posted by glend View Post
The ASi1600MM-C is a good place to start with mono imaging as there is just so much known about these cameras now. Shiraz's excellent exposure charts are one example.
Yeh that's why I'm going with the 1600, just so much experience out there to work from. My only mono experience is with an STF8300M which doesn't have adjustable gain settings, which was good because all I had to worry about was exposure time. But with going to a cmos I want something that is widely used so I can gather from everyone else's experience to form a starting point of settings to use.

And as for it being on sale at the moment. I've recently worked myself through sickness to the point of developing pneumonia so I could get this scope/mount/guiding/dew control gear. I need to back off a bit lol. Probably will be starting to look at purchasing one around Christmas

Originally Posted by glend View Post
For OSC, the ASI071C is also available for $1999 from Bintel (with the SONY IMX071 APS-C 14-bit sensor). For people on a budget, and who can work without cooling, there are some good DSLRs, offering excellent sensor specs, for less than $1k, like the Nikon D5300.

It really depends on where you want to start.
My 5D III will do for now
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