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Originally Posted by batema View Post
I am trying to sort out what I will put an 1100 on as I have no permanent or portable pier. I have seen the Astrophysics portable pier but I am unsure about its ablilty to level on unlevel ground so a mate suggested I might be able to get a G11 tripod and with an adapter plate put the 1100 directly onto a solid tripod that the legs can be adjusted.

Any thoughts on this idea???


Mark. I'd start with level-ish ground where possible, regardless of the mount?

Now, the AP piers, despite what looks like a fixed shape, the turnbuckles DO allow for a BIT of tip-tilt adjustment. Nip up a buckle and you'll be surprised at just how much tweaking is possible in those three rods. But again, it does need that very rough, ballpark level to begin with.

I suspect that AP has stuck with this tried and tested design, for good reason

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