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Split roof observatory


Its been a while in the making, i've started with a split roof observatory in my backyard.

i had a few design goals, I wanted a roll off roof but did not want the permanent tracks with supports as it requires the same area as the obs to be blocked out. I don't have space in the sides. so a split roof made sense as I would just need to figure out how to suspend half the roof at each side

I wanted it to be low profile as this is just outside the kitchen window and I did not want to block the view of the backyard from inside the house.
so decided to build it to a height that just clears my scope when parked horizontal. that provides the lowest profile.

stay on budget, I did not want to spend too much as i'm renting and wanted it to be modular to dismantle and re-assemble elsewhere.

no requirement for me to stay within the obs, so ended up with the size 2.4 x 2.1m which was bigger than i thought but allows enough room for me to walk around the scope when imaging.

some pics. will explain the roof in the next post.

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