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Mostly finished UTA today 9 mm marine ply

Theres is some flex in the rings themselves but not through the optical train as far as i can see (my older 1/2" rings also are similar ) , I messed with a single ring for a while back and on a smaller scope build and couldn't get that bit right .
Focuser board through the truss axis again and I will glue the ply light

shield this time its seems to offer some pretty handy lateral strength to the whole exersise . Moonlites when mounted will also add a little more strength

Protostar double pinned spider tensioned up ties in everything nice , I had issues with dusty threads in most all mounting pins but was lucky enough to pick up (first go ) a tap in my whats in the box to clean things up, puling apart 14 year old hardware has been the major PITA.
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