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Thats a nice site , I'll have a good look in time

Two days of work and sometimes deep contemplation and sometimes even deeper contemplation , and sometime wondering what the ,, have i done with something i just had in my hand has me here I have most of the marine ply (18 MM) to finish $150 i think give or take a few screws and bolts etc ,my workshop 10 years on is still sitting on the concrete in the driveway ,,sigh

I'm not overly happy with the old mirror box ( i should of rebuilt ) and the new ground board sit together , a small error i must of built around originally is a little more obvious now the box not square by a couple of mm .

A couple of days later maybe i'm to hard on this like it runs well on the bearings and isn't dragging , bearings arnt clean and laminate not applied yet and i dont have weight up top to balance things out a little and see

The enlarged bearings are differant to how they move weight around i think , looking forward to the ongoing process , atm is sometimes about

making things right then better it never ends . Peter Read once again most helpfull with some tube inserts .
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