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Originally Posted by jjjnettie View Post
Seeing how you'll be hanging this extended imaging train off the side of your scope (don't forget to add in the weight of your extender) I'd be going for the lightest possible solution.
I wouldn't worry too much about vignetting or coma as the targets will still be small enough that you can crop the worst out.
thanks jjjnettie I wasn't sure about vignetting and coma, I may even just buy a cheap CC first as a trial. not too worried about the weight of the imaging train as it already is super long with the baader RCCI. this would make it shorter I think!

Originally Posted by britgc View Post
I use the Baader FFC with my WO FLT98 and Canon 450D. Very happy with it.

Bought mine from Teleskop Service who have it for about 502 Euros which, when all the conversions are done at bank rates, works out to be around 800 AUD currently. Still expensive, but it is pretty nice

Image of NGC 3372 taken with Baader FFC here:


Edit: Just to expand a bit more. I was contemplating the same question as you Rusty a few months back but decided to go with the Baader FFC over a barlow or powermate because of the flexibility you get with magnification simply by adding/removing extension tubes. In the case of using a DSLR, that means anywhere from around 2.5x - 8x. Handy for all sorts of imaging/viewing.
Thanks for the input Bret. that is a great image with good stars. yes the baader FFC does have a lot of flexibility there with magnification variation. I probably would have gone with that if I knew about it earlier on, I already have a televue 5x powermate, so just looking for 2x at the moment (want to keep the f ratio as close to f8 as possible - as a imaging sensitivity/fov sweetspot) but it should be something someone considers if they are looking at buying so the don't end up with multiple purchases (like me)
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