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New scope

Hey all,

I've been enjoying my Orion ED80T CF on my HEQ5 mount for years, and thinking of getting a bigger scope, as I'd really like to get closer, while observing and imaging with my Canon 50D.

Sometimes I add a 4x TeleVue on, though it does make things harder to focus.

I'd like something to help reach the planets a little closer, and DSOs in general. I really love my Orion, but it's just a very wide angle scope at 480mm.

Curious to get input/thoughts? Budget is around $1-2k, thinking of something like the "Bintel GSO RC8 f/8 Astrograph". To go on my current mount ideally. Wonder if i"m still going to have focal length envy? Or other things to factor in???

Keen to hear if others have a similar "propsed" setup, things they like, things they'd still want?

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