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Hello Warren,
You might want to also consider the Fujinon stabilised binoculars. I did a fair bit of research a few years back and decided on the Fujinons instead of the Canons. The main reason was that the Fujinons have a 5 degree stabilisation compared to the Canon having about 3 degrees. This means the Fujinons are "more stable" over a larger movement such as hand holding or on a boat deck etc. (I believe the US coastguard uses Fujinons. This larger 5 degree stabilisation freedom is also very handy if you want to do some nature observing such as birds in flight, wildlife etc.
I also was able to compare the views with a similar sized Canon pair, and with the Canons there was a very slight image vibration due to the stabilising mechanism. It was quite minor, but it was there.
I have the Fujinon 14 x 40 Stabli binoculars and like others have stated, they are relatively heavy for their size. They use 4 x AA batteries, and the batteries last a vey long time with the Fujinons.

All the best,

Buck (Paul)
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