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Replica Newton telescope

I recently made this for a relative.

I always wanted to build a 1:1 replica of this scope and was actually amazed how small
the original one is.
I also wanted to have working optics if possible and a while back a perfect mirror
was spotted at the supermarkets by my daughter.

When I tested the optics it was possible to scale up the size to approximately a 3:1
scale replica. Good. A nice size for a study or mantlepiece.
The original Newt scope has a mirror of 33mm and an F ratio about f/5.
There surprisingly doesn't seem to be many good scale specification drawings
of the original scope but there are many replica sites around showing people's
attempts at it.
Several vendors even sell them.

Anyway, mine is made from two perfectly scale cardboard tubes that I also
had been looking around for.
One sleeves into the other nicely.
The larger one is a 90mm postal mailing tube and the inside one is the centre
roll of an industrial floor vinyl roll.

I searched around for good decoupage fake woodgrain contact and eventually found
some perfect stuff at Bunnions. A lighter colour one and a darker one.
After an experiment on some tube with the two types it was decided to use
the darker one. It looks brilliant with some semi gloss clear estapol.

I took the liberty to stray from the original base/ball arrangement for
sturdiness. It was a very weak setup if I made it scale. It would fall over with
the slightest touch when off balance..

Pics attached:
1 , 2, 3 : progress pics
4: original it was based on
5,6 : completed
7: nameplate

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