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Hi Glen,

Just wanted to thank you on your work over the years regarding James Dunlop. As I think I have told you before, James Dunlop is buried in the grounds of my church, at Kincumber Anglican, so his significance in the history of world astronomy is something I am very interested in too.

Last New Moon I spent a week in Coonabarabran doing some observing, and one of my main reference works was Stephen James O'Meara's book, "Southern Gems". For those not familiar with this work, it focuses on about 120 southern objects selected from Dunlop's catalogue.

Glen, I was very impressed to read that it was essentially your work on Dunlop in your thesis that inspired Stephen James O'Meara to write this remarkable book. He refers extensively to your research in his book, and credits you with so much.

Astronomical publications are all too dominated by northern hemisphere preoccupations. No doubt this is a reflection in part of the greater size of the amateur astronomy community north of the equator. However the Southern Skies are so much better. It is great to have something of a restoration of the balance, and proper recognition given to the likes of Dunlop and also Bennett, who pioneered our understanding of the southern skies.

Keep up the good work!
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