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I purchased my AG12 about the same time Paul and have had many of the same issues. I was lucky enough to be spared from the secondary astigmatism.

Ive added carbon rods to the upper housing which work well however Im still left with the rather flimsy secondary which cant be tightened in the same way you can in a tube design.

I agree that the focuser plate needs beefed up. Even the main mount dovetail could be more heavy duty.

Ill that said, kudos to GSO for the conical mirror which was rather unexpected. Why they don't advertise the fact is beyond me.

The main takeaway here is that an imaging f4 system is rather unforgiving and requires to be designed and manufactured within an f4 imaging requirement in mind. I dont think this scope quite does this.

Perhaps this is an opportunity for a company like teleskop-express to come up with an upgrade package.

I have attached an image with the carbon tubes i have added.

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