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Hi Paul

Please dont give up.

You know the problems and no doubt you can solve all issues.

You have invested a great deal in working up the unit and it would be unfortunate if you gave up before you have the unit working perfectly.

No doubt you are losing patience and perhaps enthusiasm ... and that is totally understandable particularly if you get no appreciation from the manufacturer.

Let me say there will be many folk who will be happy with your development of the unit ...

But I know you can do it.

Your energy is taking a beating but heck its only a scope so make it do what you expect of it.

At the pointy end of any game folk buy stuff and improve it...think race cars or bikes.
And as to race bikes and cars each week they do something to make it better than last week.

It seems you are close to turning the unit into a great scope.

And on the positive you seem to have identified the problems and really you have been making wonderful progress.

Knowing the problems enables you to fix them..imagine how annoying it would be if no matter what you did saw no result and you were left wondering why.

Maybe a night imaging something with something else but just for fun as they say and recover some of your enthusiasm.

Does it play up everywhere or just some orientations?

If so that is reasonable..Its like guitars to a degree they all have their strong points and their weak points but I suggest you work within the region of what the unit does well...pointing straight up should work ok??

I wish you luck and must say I for one really enjoyed reading your various posts on bringing the unit up to scratch.

Good luck.

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