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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Thank you Paul. Comprehensive review, as always. Has GSO indicated if they will be taking your advice on board for a Gen 2 model?
Hi Glen, I have sent several emails off to GSO and to date have heard nothing back regarding making just some of the more basic improvements on the scope. I have got sick of being a beta tester without any response from the manufacturer. They were once quite responsive but that has changed.

Originally Posted by billdan View Post
Wow Paul, you have certainly spent a lot of time and effort to improve the telescope and unfortunately it is still unsatisfactory. I am surprised that you cannot tighten up the spider vanes, that is usually one of the basic requirements for building a Newt that you have spider vane adjustment.

Where are you at now, still persevering or had enough?

Sorry to hear this.

Should the AG12 I have bought turn out to be very good, I will then devote time to retrofitting a completely new secondary cage and spider. It's going to take some time to develop properly but that is on my list of fixes. I like the optics, they just need some work holding it all together.

Originally Posted by glend View Post
Paul, I seem to recall a Newt builder in NZ, I think it was, used high 'E' guitar strings to stabilise his secondary. I have also seen photos of secondaries held in location in space, as it were, by thin guitar strings. I suppose 'hacking' it is not a solution for all buyers and GSO should fix it.
It could have been Rolf, but I cannot remember who that might have been. If there was a complete fix and it could be marketable it might be worth someone building these things and selling them as modified units.
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