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Originally Posted by jase View Post
I simply can’t resist not latching on to this statement. Hmmmm. Ok. Now that I’ve told you how I go about acquiring data on my own equipment – upload an imaging plan and walk away, is this deemed as cheating? Is my set up now classified as “professional” as it is so automated and not in the “true spirit” of an amateur? Give me a break! Oh wait, its only if you pay for the data….hmmm ok. Let’s put it in another context, the Lightbuckets 24” RC is in Steve’s (CEO of Lightbuckets) “backyard” in Rodeo, New Mexico. He lives onsite at the ranch. He purchased the equipment for his own personal use, but also decided to allow other amateurs to use the equipment for their specific purposes be it imaging or research. So, if Steve was to process the images he took with this own “professional research grade” gear, would he still considered an amateur? Surely…but wait, what if Steve was to provide me with some “free” scope time…this would still make it “amateur” by your definition as I’m not paying. Food for thought.
Consider another analogy where in a photography competition you decide to get a professional photographer to take some photo's for you, as they have the best equipment. Not only this, but they have the expertise to use that equipment effectively. They take some photo's and give them to you for free (since he is your mate). You open them up in photoshop, do some processing, and enter them in a competition. Can you honestly say that this entrant is amateur? IMO, it is a collaboration between a professional (someone who earns an income from it) and an amateur, and as a collaboration it should be classed with the professional entrants.
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