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$1000 or what ever it cost for a remote image through a 24 RC that nearly rivals the Hubble at a cost of millions, bargain. I say if you have the skills go for it.

Another way you could look at it is,
1: Drive 3 hours to dark sky, set up,get 4 hours data, clouds in go home.
Fuel, food etc $200.
2: Go next new moon get the results that weekend.
Fuel,food etc $200.
All of a sudden you are up $400 or more in my case as I have to lug the family out for the one image.
So there are unseen costs for us all in doing this hobby. So for people like Jase to spend the big bucks on one image and get the results he did and the ultra-high end gear that was used it does not seem all that expensive in real terms.
Keep up with it, I love looking at those images. But I think when it comes to the amateur comps, there needs to be certain catergories to consider for the type of gear used etc. Just my 2 cents.

Regards Matt.

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