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Shapley 1

As they always say proof is in the pudding, or is that in the eating?

After the drama's I have had in the last 12 months with the AG12 this is the first image I that I can say is what I expected to produce when I bought this scope. There are still some minor issues that need to be eliminated and very soon I will be using the repaired corrector thanks to Stefan but this is a pretty reasonable image of this target.

Shapley 1 is a true torus planetary nebula. It is facing us square on to our position. It contains a rather faint outer halo which is also quite challenging to capture.

The image contains 620 minutes of Ha and 380 minutes of OIII data. It also contains luminance and RGB data. It am going to try to capture more OIII data to bring out the halo better. Mike Sidonio's image had much more narrow band data which brought out the halo. My impatience with the weather has resulted in my processing the data before I should have done so.

Click here for larger image.

I have supplied a full resolution image with a very slight crop to show the corners on a scope that has a proper corrector installed. By way of comparison I have included a link of my previous effort with the GSO truss Newtonian here. Clearly the latest image is an improvement over the previous one and would suggest this scope is going to produce excellent images once finally dialed in correctly.

Edit: I have now added a further 8.5 hours of OIII to the image which shows the halo/bowshock better. Also provided another image for comparison purposes.
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