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Originally Posted by mbaddah View Post
Fantastic news Gary I'm eager to try this out.

Is there any harm in connecting the Argo Navis to the laptop rather than the Servocat? Only reason I ask is that my servocat-usb cable is quite short, unlike the Serial-USB cable I have for Argo which is quite long.
Hi Mohammed,

I had answered your question by direct email some time ago but I have
decided to follow-up here as well simply so if anyone has the same question
and stumbles on the thread, they see the advice.

The servocat protocol between the PC and the ServoCAT is slightly different than that between the
Argo Navis and the ServoCAT.

For that reason when using ASCOM you will need to go -
PC <-> ServoCAT <-> Argo Navis.

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