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Not happy Jan - until the postie arrives

After the big move overseas and choosing what telescope gear to bring with me and what to put into storage, I was confident I had all I needed here to do the big update to my two AN units this weekend. But, searched high and low today and - shock - no AN serial cable! Not with the Keyspan adapter; not with the spare AN power cables and parts.

Got an order away for a new cable - thanks for making it so easy Wildcard/Gary. I shall be patient. One has to be - postal in Israel is usually SLOW.

I wonder where that cable is? Strangely enough, I have a set of photos of it on my computer when someone had asked what it looks like and I obliged On reflection, I think I know. I suspect it worked for connecting my Synscan handsets to a computer and I bet it is stored away in Australia with my handsets and the EQ5.
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