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The Rising Milky Way

Taken a while ago. This one is using Sony's pixel shift technology where the camera takes a shot and then shifts the sensor by 1 pixel and takes 4 in total one for each of the RGGB Bayer matrix colours. So you get deeper colour and you get higher resolution.

The main difficulty is using this technology is the filing system. Its hard to tell which photos were taken using Pixel shift and which are just normal exposures. Sony's software is rudimentary.

I use a Pixel shift to DNG software that scans your images file for pixel shift images, then stacks them and saves them as DNG files. Amazing. It does all the hard work and makes it practical otherwise I might not bother.

This 4 pixel shift images (a total of 16 images) of 30 seconds ISO1600 F1.8 Sigma Art 14mm tracked at my dark site.

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