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It is a little confusing, some people say the 1st and 2nd sliders don't do much ( I disagree ) and others say that 5 & 6 don't do much, so who to believe.
Personally I use all 6 Wavelet sliders and move them about 25 / 30% and up 1 level, shows 110 in the little box at the end of each wavelet bar. Too much sharpening and you introduce more noise so a little de-noise doesn't hurt. Apart from that , a little Red & Blue Align may be necessary if you notice some colour fringing.
You can always experiment with the sliders and levels and see what effects the different settings have on the image and if you don't like the results can always re-set and try different settings.
Then you can move the image to whatever photo processing software that you have to adjust the colours, contrast and brightness.
Hope that helps in some way.
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