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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Nose section was moved to the launch pad this morning our time, crane is on the pad for stacking the nose later tonight our time. They do not appear to use the crane at night, with visibility issues I suppose, when your stacking ship sections which weigh so much and must align precisely. It will be interesting to see how they complete the section welding, by hand or robotically (I have yet to see the robotic welder they use inside the assemble tent, used outside).
I’m amazed how the majority of Starship is assembled , joined , welded etc.. out in the open under the hot gulf sun , wind , dust and so on .....
During project Apollo, Stages 1, 2 , 3 , the IU , the escape tower , the service module , the command module and the lunar module were all manufactured in clean , sterile space factories around America , wrapped and sealed against the elements , brought to the Cape in special ships and the “Guppy” and assembled in the VAB which was an environmentally controlled clean atmosphere ( the biggest building on the planet at the time )
Maybe it’s because Apollo was a government funded project and Starship is a private funded project so money is tight ??
Any thoughts on the above observation
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