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Narrowing the band

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Originally Posted by astroearth View Post
Thank you Mike for your constructive comments. I am familiar with the concept related to Narrow Band Imaging as I have a science and art degree.

In this case I was more interested in the visual art aspect of the image rather than assigning arbitrary rules to the various chemical elements.

I do value your comments as they are valid and constructive.

After 60 plus years in astrophotography I think I have earned some call it "artistic License" LoL
I consider myself aced by that brilliant return-of-service. I've only been at it for 56 years (Brownie Box star trails at age 12, ground my first telescope mirror 6 years later, motorized my first home-welded mount the year after). My artistic endeavours are confined to sculpture painting and short stories.

Looking forward very much to seeing more of your work.

Very best,
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