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Saturn Sept 9th 2020 in good seeing

Imaged Saturn September 9th in good seeing targeting a CM transit of the 2010 GWS AV. The 685nm IR very well resolves the North polar vortex and vertices of the hexagon it also resolves a diffuse elongated bright spot which seems in contact with the outer edge of the hexagon flat rotating in from the F limb. The IR and R data resolves the thin concentric banding structure within the polar collar (NPR) while all wavelengths resolve the fast moving dark and bright spot combination just inside the polar collar (NPR). All wavelengths resolve the 2010 GWS AV but it is most prominent in IR. A mid latitude bright spot is resolved in R and RGB data while a large amplitude ripple on the edge of the EZ impinging up into the NEB is resolved at all wavelengths. I measure the dark spot to be at approx Lat+64 L3 262.3, bright spot at approx Lat+63.3 L3 280.8 I measure the mid latitude bright spot to be at approx Lat+36.1 L3 255.6 with the EZ ripple at approx Lat+14.8 L1 258.4.
All data from this session has been uploaded to PVOL.

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