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Problem plate solving 6" SCT Stellarmate

Hi all,

Not sure this belongs here but l feel I am still a beginner.

I have a AZEQ6 mount and Meade 6" SCT and have started using it remotely in my Villa's 'yard' with Stellarmate on a RPI3B . Watching the moon and jupiter and its moons last night from a warm room. Bliss!
Mostly working ok bar a few problems. But Plate-solving for aligning and deepsky objects is very unreliable best results from a ASI120MM-S camera but still hit and miss.

Had it working quite well on a smaller 80mm Refractor.Guessing the 120MM isn't sensitive enough or something with the SCT. Any camera suggestions?

Thinking of adding a guidescope and i could use that to platesolve perhaps?

Appreciate any feedback or suggestions

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