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If your “degrees” out on your PA alignment read out it could be a related to a number of issues
1/ make sure your tripod base is perfectly level on all three axis ( refer my procedure)
2/ make sure you have your tripod pointing “true south” as precise as you can ( refer my solar noon shadow procedure ( throw the compass in the bin )
3/ make sure you set your home position accurately ( refer my procedure)
4/ In the Hand controller make sure you set your latitude , longitude , elevation , No daylight saving , time zone +10 if your in the eastern states or Canberra , and current time
5/ For your 2 star alignment and PA routine choose Acrux as your PA star and Acrux and Hadar as your 2 star alignment stars
So in Menu , choose Alignment then 2 star alignment , 1st Star Acrux , centre it then enter, 2nd star Hadar , centre it then enter.Then in alignment choose polar alignment , select Star Acrux then follow my PA routine procedure

NB : Very important !!!! You need an Orion 20mm 70 deg illuminated centering eye piece or equal to get your star centering very close and therefore get your PA error down to arc minutes rather than degrees. A basic eye piece is not adequate enough for centering

Good luck !!
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