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The answer to your first question is that an equatorial mount (EQ) only tracks in one orientation until it hits the meridian and then it has return to its home position and then flip around to the other side and track in an opposite orientation otherwise the telescope will eventually crash into the tripod legs or ground which ever comes first.So procedures like “star alignment” are programmed to be done on one side of the meridian where all celestial objects rise on the eastern side and arc over the night sky to the western side at different declinations.

The answer to the second question is yes, after Synscan polar aligned , it is already 2 star aligned and ready for Goto
You cannot perform a polar alignment unless a 2 star alignment is completed as part of the Synscan process
No disrespect but you obviously haven’t read my Synscan procedure ( item 5 ) in detail , it clearly states the need for a 2 star alignment then proceed to commence your polar alignment. There are also notes at the bottom of this section to explain the difference between a 2 star alignment and polar alignment

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