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3/ Installing Mount Head

Attaching your HEQ5 or similar mount head to Tripod

1/ Once your tripod is set up (levelled and pointing True South) place you’re mount head ( without Altitude and Azimuth bolts ) on the tripod base with the retracted counterweight bar roughly facing the front tripod leg “N” or True South
2/ Ensure your Azimuth bolts are evenly screwed in both sides until they are just touching the base post or puck. Then re adjust screw in or screw out both Azimuth bolts so they are equidistant and touching the base stop post again ( ie: equal amount of thread or bolt length each side of mount head )Azimuth bolts will be adjusted again during polar alignment routine later.
3/ Install locking bolt shaft and tripod leg accessories spreader plate up into mount head and tighten up
4/ Now install your Altitude bolts and screw in or out as required to set your local latitude. This has to be checked again after your telescope is fitted. Preferably use a digital inclinometer ( eg: AccuMaster model 7434 ) with accuracy to 2 decimal places.
5/ Mount head is now installed ready for setting your mounts “Home Position” procedure
6/ If you want you can mark a short line across both tripod base and mount head at the front in the centre and rear in the centre with a small black texta line for future set ups to ensure your mount head is placed in the same position each time.
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