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eyepiece advice / where to buy?

Hi, I'm new here. Got an 8" f/6 dob a couple of months ago and it's been great. Since then I've been reading up on eyepieces and keeping an eye on the classifieds to upgrade.

Scope came with 10mm and 25mm plossls and I picked up a used 6mm William Optics SPL (which I haven't got much use out of just yet because the planets are hiding near the sun, but the moon is nice with it, you can see here for a shot I took).

Anyway I'd like to pick up something in the 14-15mm and 30mm range (around 2.5mm and 5mm exit pupil on this scope) with wider views than the plossls. But it's been tricky to find an eyepiece I want that's actually available somewhere, whether online or retail. I'm in Perth. I've looked at Explore Scientific 82s, APM UFFs, a 15mm Axiom LX (pre-Luminos, supposedly better, missed out on ebay), and looked longingly at some Televues on the classifieds without quite pulling the trigger on one. I considered the 30mm GSO Superview but think it's probably best to go straight to something a bit better in this relatively fast scope rather than upgrading later.

So I'm curious where you guys like to get your eyepieces from here in Australia. And which ones might you go for when starting out in my position, with your experience?
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