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Originally Posted by LostInSp_ce View Post
Mick for what it's worth I was always told by manufacturers to do what some of the others said first but then to finish off with a wipe of distilled water. Also have you ever considered getting a portable dehumidifier like the ones used in gun safes? They work a treat for getting rid of moisture around scopes. I have one fixed to the inside of lens cap which keeps inside the hood dry. Then I use a desiccant cap in the focuser end. The dehumidifier lasts about 3-4 weeks between charges and has a ten year life span.

Here's a link to one similar to mine.
Thanks for that, might look into buying one, they're not too expensive either.

Originally Posted by ngcles View Post
Hi Mick,

If you don't feel confident enough to tackle the job yourself, I'd recommend:



Will certainly give the guy a call once he's back from leave. Pity he's based in Sydney, not many options of places that do that type of thing here in Melbourne. Thanks for the recommendation.
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