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Help! Nexstar SLT firmware update issues

I have successfully updated the hand control on my Nexstar SLT mount, from V 4.17 to V 4.22
It updated without a hitch, very happy, so happy I decided to update the Motor Control.
If only I hadn't!

I tried updating from V 5.14 to V 5.18
MCupdate reports "An Error occurred Programming Data at Address: 709" and recommended restarting the programming.
I have restarted it many times, getting errors at a number of different addresses.
After an hour I cancelled out and tried to re-install the old version V 5.14.
Same problems.Now my hand control cannot communicate with the mount!
Hand control says "No Response 16" which is the azimuth motor.

Has anybody experienced this? More importantly has anybody recovered from this?
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