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Non reducing correctors for SCT

I have been doing some googling but I have really not had any joy so far. Is anyone aware of non reducing corrector/flatteners for SCT scopes? Specifically the non Edge HD C925.

I am looking to work at my scopes native focal length for imaging smaller objects like many galaxies and PN's, but curvature and coma is visible even on a smaller sensor (ASI294)

I was using the Celestron 0.63 reducer spaced to give about 0.7 reduction but I am looking for the tighter image scale, it also exhibited internal reflections that I found irritating, they looked to be on glass to air transitions to probably a quality issue that is not readily fixable by tricks like blackening edges and threads better.

The budget will not stretch to replacing it with something like an Edge HD version for the flatter field, at least not for a long while.
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