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+1 with what everyone else has said. And the HEQ5 will be brilliant for video. Howie up near Brisbane does does beautiful video with an 8" F5 newt on an HEQ5. He does single 30-60sec shots with a dslr. Here's an example:

All the scopes you mentioned would be good (prefer the newts and ed80 rather than the achromat). I'm now using a GSO 8" F5 and an 80mm F5.9 triplet. They complement each other - one larger, one smaller FOV. I got those second hand here. The 8" F4 would be really fast - even better for video, and many people use 6" newts - I'd be interested to see how you go with them.

I don't know the samsung you have, but they have been used in the past. Give it a go, but it might be a bit underwhelming? You can always bang a 1.25" 0.5x reducer. We are live-viewing not imaging. So don't mind a bit of coma.

Have a go on stellarium (or something) and see how big the FOV is for differ scope/reducer combinations on a 1/3" camera for a few objects you want to look at.
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