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Lots of threads on this if you search.

Basically, you need to work out how many amps your rig is drawing and multiply that by the number of hours you want to run for. Ideally, your battery shouldn't be discharged beyond 50% of it stated capacity to prevent damaging the battery. (I've never worked out why they call it a 100amp/hr battery and then tell you can only use half that????)

On average, your mount is probably drawing 0.5-1 amp, the dew heaters 2-3amps, and the laptop anywhere from 5-10amps depending on size and whether it's trying to recharge the internal battery at the same time. People recommend removing the internal battery so it doesn't try to charge that at the same time, but I'd rather leave it in so if a cable is bumped your laptop doesn't shut down.

My guess is your going to need 30-50amp/hrs per night - so you're probably looking at a 60-75amp/hr battery. Do your sums and your homework.

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