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USB drivers require install every time

I'm imaging from my new observatory tonight. Its got 2 stories, a fridge with beer, toilets and a garage for the car. I got around to buying a 10m active USB extension cord, so I can keep the laptop inside while everything else is outside in the cold talking to the mozzies....

Only problem is now the Orion Starshoot Autoguider and QHY9 insist of having their drivers reinstalled as "New Hardware" by Windows XP 32 bit Professional as I go to get started. This has been happening for a while with the SSAG since I started putting it into my USB hub near the scope. Now both are confused with the USB extension.

Configuration is:
QHY9 + SSAG + HEQ5Pro USB/TTL/RJ45 cable all going to unpowerred usb hub mounted on moun
Hub connected to 10m active usb extender cable, which comes back to the same USB port on my laptop have always used for the hub when close to the rig.

I suppose I have to unload everything, scrub registry, then reinstall?
Any advice appreciated. Not the end of the world to reinstall every imaging run, but does use up 5-10mins
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