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Hi All,

First of all have a safe Australia day in advance!

Alex - I needed to thank you of all the help with the alignment. It was great and I got hang of it quite quickly. I'll PM you regrading the IDAS filter since I have a couple of concerns about future proofing. I've got a plan to capture one object and dedicate as much time possible to capture darks@ ISO800 5min + data mentioned above by H.

Trevor - There is a regular public gathering at Katoomba Airfield. It's posted in the star parties section of IIS. You can also check out Hargreaves Point at Katoomba. PM me if you need more details buddy!

Freespace - Thats a pretty good image too, you also are blessed to have less sky glow. You might want to check out fringe killer filters. But apart from that its all good. This may sound silly but I think Nikon/Canon DSLR and the variation between prosumer/consumer/pro models don't make much impact. Seeing conditions + data collected and PSE skills do There have been cases of people with Canon DSLR getting picture of the month at IIS.
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