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Marc - Thanks! I'll fine tune and then procced with the 5,10,15,30sec @ ISO 400 and 5,10,15,30sec @ ISO 800 and the same at 5,10,15 @ ISO 1600.

H - I wish I could go to a dark site more often but it's not feasible and the chances I do get are limited. With this in mind, I have sadly come to the conclusion that a substantial amount of my astro work will be in Sydney and I need to make the best of that.

I noted that the 6 shape in the right corner as its not apparent in the other side. I took two shots and its present on both so not sure what it could be. I have a feeling it may be me pressing the camera button with 10sec time delay beacuse I couldnt get the canon remote application working fully on my laptop. Will investigate further hopefully this weekend.

Camera connected tight as and the focuser was locked again I'll investigate further. I'm reluctant to buy a MPCC at the moment until I improve my current skills with the equitment at hand. By the way are the exp/iso range I suggested to Marc okay? I intend on upping the ISO to limit exposure time required. I will take your advice and devote the entire night to imaging a single object as you suggested

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