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Canon50D: First steps into astrophotography

Hi Everyone,

First of all I'd like to thank the IIS community for their continuous assistance and support especially certain individuals who spent substantial amount of their time in explaining me the basics. Thanks Guys!

So the good news is that yesterday I finally managed to drift align my scope from my balcony in suburban Sydney. Additionally, I was able to configure PHD and kick off autoguiding using my much loved QHY5. I have no doubts that there is a lot of improvement to be made especially with fine tuning the azimuth drift. But atleast I can now post the result and look at other areas to improve in before I hit the dark site next month.

So here is the 15sec exp @ ISO 1600 using a Canon50D of Orion.

A couple of things Id like to hear your inputs on are:

1. Light Pollution - Best filter for Canon50D with futureproofing in mind.
2. The nature of the star shapes top right (i.e. making a 6 shape)
3. Egg like shapes; pronounced in the left corner (Im assuming I need a MPCC for coma)

General feedback on anything that can assist me in improving my current skills feel free to PM me.

Once again thank you for your support in a majestic hobby that is astronomy.

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