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For now i have heated them up as directed by ZWO, but that has messed up the little adhesive pads used to hold them in the case depressions. As i said i had a spare set i bought last year and those are in the camera now. So with two of the correct sets i should be ok for sometime assuming i can dry them as needed. If you don't already have a spare set you can't get them now.
I agree it was always a poor design, but they put it in the market and thus have some responsibility.

This brings me to the topic of astro camera longevity. Having a camera that you can depend on over the years is important, to me at least. Perhaps coming from a film background, where you might buy one good camera for life, i take camera longevity for granted. In the case of the 1600, i guess the Pro would be ok as a replacement in that it uses the same sensor, but the inclusion of the DDR means that old and new data would have to be processed separately due to AMP glow profile differences. And of course ZWO has also changed the Offset control in the Pros. At my age i may not be buying a new camera, and would sure like to get at least five to ten years of use out of the one i have. Right now the early released Version 1 1600s are still less than two years old, i expect better customer consideration from ZWO.

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