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Sounds like an opportunity for someone to supply the appropriate unit.
Many products seem to have a little something that costs little that dies and you just dont seem to be able to find a replacement.
And really how difficult would it be to have made a large batch of the units you speak of such that customers could replace them until the life of the camera expires.
Really how much would such a strategy cost.
It is a pity it is these simple complaints that can erode the goodwill the company has worked so hard to build.
Take me...thinking about what to buy and this puts me off. And moisture is such a problem it seems silly not to hsve the problem solved.
They may as well advertise..this camera does not experience moisture issues because we have a neat system to stop it in its tracks but sadly the problem will return when our one off solution can not be replaced.
Hopefully someone will come forward to help.
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