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G'day Paul,

OK, this is what I'm trying to achieve:

This month's Photo Challenge is about people in a public space and I want to try to take a shot of an audience watching one of our shows at the planetarium. Instead of the camera being at the same level as the audience, I wanted to put the camera at the top of our dome, looking down.

Our planetarium dome is effectively a screen of many aluminium panels and each panel is perforated. The perforations are only 1-2 mm wide. I was going to rig up a basic camera mount and then thread 4 or 5 fishing lines down through the holes and attach them to the mount. The camera would then be hauled up to the top of the dome which would be about 8.5 metres from the floor.

I then need to completely remotely trigger the camera, which will be on full auto mode.

I can't have any wires dangling from the camera as it would spoil the shot.

The dome is of course white and would therefore reflect any infrared beams but would they travel the 8.5 metres to the camera?

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