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EQMOD issues

I've had trouble in my last 3 imaging sessions with EQMOD suddenly stopping working. The scope stops tracking - sometimes 3 or 4 hours into the session. Tonight ... after only 2 minutes!

Restarting EQMOD it worked for a few seconds but after manually slewing the scope a couple of times (clicking on its NSEW buttons) to test it, it froze again.

Only after I got it running again did I realise there's a logging option in EQMOD. After enabling that I couldn't get it to fail again!

Since this is intermittent, it'll be a pain to debug. So I'm after any suggestions/experience as to probable cause.

Last time it happened, I reinstalled EQMOD (and upgraded it) - though not a clean uninstall first I admit. Obviously that didn't do the trick.

Could be
- USB-serial cable
- laptop h/w (USB port)
- laptop s/w (could just reinstall EQMOD/ASCOM ... or Win 7 etc!)
- mount psu
- mount
- something else?

The mount is connected direct to the laptop's USB (no hub) and has its own PSU (reasonable quality one from Jaycar).

Any ideas would be appreciated as this could waste many hours and $$ tracking it down


P.S. Only 3 examples to go on, but each time it has been guiding at the time, i.e. PHD2 running. That's on a separate USB controller though I believe.
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