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If you got the Rev Imager kit it comes with a x0.5 reducer. Ideal focal reduction with the small 1/3" ccd. I started with a C8. It was slow by itself but great with the FR. Plus the larger FOV was a good compromise between galaxies and other DSOs. The 6-8" SCTs are one of the most popular for EAA.

Plus you need the speed to counter field rotation on that scope.

Edit: if you wanted to go USB camera route there's the asi224 (i got one ). Much better resolution than R2 but not quite as sensitive. You'll find you might eventually go computer as stacking improves analog camera pics also. You can stretch and adjust black level live.. Also lodestar x2 (more expensive but more sensitive).

Originally Posted by OffGrid View Post
Thank you Adrian for posting re the RI.

I have been procrastinating for some time as to which EAA gear to get for an outreach in a couple of months.
Whilst I would like to get the Atik Infinity or similar ilk, it's cost and the additional cost of getting a Windows laptop just does not add up in my current financial pool.
So a question for you and any other in this space, would the Revolution Imager be compatible with my LX 90 ACF 8" goto as I understand from my research that an 'appropriate, focal reducer is a must have?

I have a digital data projector that will be image projecting means and I suspect that I may also have to deal with a brightish image.

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