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Originally Posted by janoskiss View Post
Well, I found a Canon 550D with a kit lens for $250 on gumtree from a seller near my place. Looks to be in good nick. Having a basic lens would be nice especially for being able to do much better videos (non-astro) than what I can with anything else I have. I've decided to grab it if it's not sold yet and checks out when I go to have a look at it. If anyone has any tips on what to look out for, it would be much appreciated!

Otherwise that Nikon D3300 body for $256 brand new is hard to pass up. Thanks for that tip, luka! I wouldn't have found it myself.

The only thing that concerns me about the Nikon is that I do all my work in Linux, so compatibility with that OS would be highly desirable (at least as far as being able to use raw format without too many hassles). I gather Canon is better supported in Linux...(?)
550d is a good choice if you are doing planetary as well it has a true video crop mode.
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