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Question What 2nd hand DSLR on tight budget?

Seeking advice on what DSLR would be good for dabbling in a bit of deep sky astrophotography. Budget is <$500, but <= $300 would be preferred.

Obviously for that money it'll have to be a relatively old second hand camera, but I have not kept up with developments since the Canon 450D/20Da were new, so I'm not sure what I can realistically expect and should be looking on such a tight budget. I'm also fairly ignorant about all the different makes and models and how wear and tear affects DSLRs (how to assess whether an old camera is still usable for astro). I know Canons are the most popular for astroph., but I haven't got a preference for any make or model. Just after best bang for buck. Camera body only would be fine.

I realise modern cameras are much better with much lower noise and better sensitivity, but I can't spend that much (even if I could get a 10x better camera for 2x the money). It's really just for a bit of fun and to gain some hands-on practical knowledge.

Thanks in advance.
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