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NGC 6726 anteater nebula

Hi all,

Image number 2 from recent sessions.

I have had 3 imaging sessions on NGC 6726 totalling 34 x 300s images and combined them using APP.

Session 1 was on 10/09/20

Gain 100
offset 50
12 x 300s

session 2 was 17/09/20

gain 100
offset 50
10 x 300s

session 3 was 18/09/20
gain 100
offset 50
12 x 300s

30 darks
30 flats
30 dark flats

I would like to get a few more hours on this and see if i can bring out more detail.

Orion EON 115mm

Captured as always in NINA
Processed in APP i might add that Astro pixel processor is a fantastic piece of processing software.

Finished off using photoshop.

Astrobin image here:

thanks for taking a look.

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